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When you’ve been involved in an auto accident, locating an honest and trustworthy paint and body shop for your car will help save you money and provide you excellent results.

We have all heard the stories from other folks about collision repair work that didn’t exactly live up to their expectations.  Maybe it was bumpy paint or a dent that is still visible or maybe the job didn’t get done at all.  

This probably caused them to have to seek an expensive corrective repair solution or at the least waste their time. 

Graham Paint and Body in Cartersville GA has created this guide below to make sure that you have the knowledge and trust to find an honest body shop in Bartow County, Cartersville GA or wherever you may live.

1# Are Written Estimates Available?  

It’s always wise to get written repair estimates from several shops in your area.  Find out if they will honor their original estimate, and for how long.  This will help you understand the average repair cost in your area.  

When getting a written estimate, ask about any potential costs that may not show up on the original invoice, as repair needs can change once the technicians start “breaking down” your car’s exterior.  

If you don’t have a written estimate its your word against another’s and its harder to prove if a situation were to arise.  Protect yourself.

If you have any doubts about the estimate, don’t be afraid to ask the shop manager how they arrived at their figures.  They should be able to take the time and walk you through their thoughts in a professional and caring manner.  If not, maybe its time to move on to a different body shop.

2# Is the Body Shop Certified?

 Austomotive Service Excellence LogoI-Car Certified Technicians Logo

Higher tier body shops and their staff are normally certified by at least one of the collision repair specialist organizations.  

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or (ASE) and I-Car are two certifications that guarantee the shop has met quality and testing standards for the industry.  Always ask if the body shop is certified with ASE or I-Car, they will proudly tell you yes if they are.

Both certification companies re-evaluate each shop every 3 years.  This ensures the body shop is staying current with any updated methods and trends.  

As a consumer, we highly recommend to use body shops that are certified by the ASE and or I-Car certifications.

3# Customer Service Is a Priority?

We know collision repair shop talk can be overwhelming and confusing.  Find a body shop with technicians or owners that will take the time to provide you with answers to your questions.  

Do they take the time to bring you into the bay or work areas to discuss the problems and go over them to make sure you understand and agree with what repairs need to be done?  

Are they proud of the shop they are working in and take pride in showing you around?

When a body shop doesn’t take the time to help you make an informed decision it should alert you to maybe try another shop.

4# Are They Super Heros Or Real People?

There are many body shops that do not have all of the necessary equipment to perform certain complex jobs.  Some examples may be straightening frames or aluminum body panels or custom artistry.

Keep an eye out for the shop to refer you to someone else if the job is out of their ability or comfort zone.  This shows that they are willing to admit they cant do EVERYTHING and is a sign of honesty and respect.  

These body shops would rather ensure you get the absolute highest quality and are happy with the end result and should be considered again if you need something that is a strength of theirs.

5# Do They Have Referrals Or Reviews?  

Its 2020, reviews can make or break a company these days.  Read any feedback they have on google/facebook/yelp (yes its not just for food).  

Reviews are readily available on the internet and if the body shop doesn’t have any or if they have negative reviews then run for the hills.  You can check the Better Business Bureau (BBB), American Automobile Association (AAA), Angie’s List and many more resources.  

Good old fashioned word of mouth is another great way to gauge if a body shop’s reputation is good or not.  Although, its proving harder these days to rely on this as opposed to the internet.

6# Do They Provide a Warranty On Their Work?

If a paint and body shop warranties their work, make sure you see if they provide it in writing and tell you how long the warranty is good for.  

The best body shops will usually back their fixes with a written warranty that specifies the amount of time or mileage after the work has been completed.

This is a sign they do quality work and stand behind their services.  Also this gives you a leg to stand on if a situation was to unfortunately come up.

 7# Do They Get Social or Display Their Work?

Its the modern age, most artists are proud of their work and want to share it with everyone.  If you can see their work ahead of time it will give you more confidence in what they are doing and may even inspire you to so something more custom or imaginative.

Here is a Tailgate we just finished:

Custom Truck Tailgate

Graham Paint and Body Shop Cartersville Georgia Has Your Back!

Locating an honest and professional collision repair shop in Cartersville GA has never been easier.

We’ve been working hard at it fixing, painting and creating vehicular art work for longer longer than most and what to take care of you anytime you need help.

Check out the picture of Nightmare below, Graham Paint and Body Shop provided the velvety purple paint job.

Nightmare Truck Purple and Twas the Night Before Christmas Characters

The video below is of us actually painting Nightmare.

Getting color! Getting ready for @dyno_designs to do his thing! #pavopurple #nightmare #baggedfullsizechevy #grahampaintandbody #herfullsize #georgiapainter #paintandbody @holdenkatelynn @paintandbody_chick27 @mofuckin_teighgraham

Posted by Graham Paint and Body on Monday, March 25, 2019

We love our customers and enjoy our craft.  Graham Paint and Body will take the time to thoroughly evaluate and explain to process and get your critical feedback to make sure we are both very satisfied with the end result without and surprises.  

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11 thoughts on “Bartow County Body Shops – Graham Paint and Body

  1. It can be a daunting task to find a body shop that will fix the problem the way you want it and also for a price that will not completely destroy your wallet. I think that body shops tend to overcharge for things but if you find an honest one it can mean a world of difference.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jon, following the steps to cover you can make the difference between get a great job and an affordable price or not.

  2. You have listed a lot of great tips to help find a reputable Bartow County Body Shops that can do the job right and not overcharge for the service. This is always an issue these days and has been for years from my experience. If you have found one that is honest and can do the job (or have it outsourced as needed), I would stick with them.

    I have bookmarked this website and will definitely give the Graham Paint and Body Shop in Cartersville Georgia a try. Since you know what we all should be looking for, I feel sure that you also set the standard for other body shops to try to meet. That is the kind of reputation I look for! Thanks! 

    1. Thanks Dave, we certainly try to practice what we preach.  We love folks to stop by and check out our location and work with you personally.  See you when you stop by!

  3. Hello. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about Graham Paint and Body and all the explanation given. 

    A few days ago I had an incident with my personal car. Someone hit me in a parking lot and left. Besides the stress I had with the police where I have to file a complaint, now comes the stress of repairing the car. I did not find a professional collision repair shop where I could be understood and offered everything I needed. You really convinced me that Graham Paint and Body Shop is the perfect place for every car owner who has been through an accident and needs help.

    Thanks again for this and wish you all the best! 

    1. Not a problem, we strive to take care of our customers.  During our initial evaluation we will present you with all the details and possible solutions to make sure you get what you need.

  4. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article! This article has helped me and I’m sure others reading it will agree.  I must say you guys must have a great shop because I once knew my dad had some contact with body work as he always fancies a car with a custom body work…..but I want to know does the Graham paint and Body shop have a fixed prices for a custom body work

    1. We have hourly rates but we work out flat rates for custom work depending on the extent of the modifications.  This helps ensure we get the work done without surprises in cost at the end.

  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .I’m not going to spend a lot of money online .Let me explain this article again to you in the online world, not just for money .I agree with you .In fact, not all body shops can work as per customer needs .To whom you owe this article, you must be thankful for the benefits and services of Bartow County Body Shops . ATM understands customer needs and provides written proof of assurance .I have heard before that this shop has the ability to do all kinds of complicated tasks if there are no other shops. I’m really happy to get a link to this shop .I collected this link today and for my work in the future .Finally I would like to say that I saw your craft more and enjoyed it a lot. Go ahead .

  6. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful article. I really liked your article. I think your article will benefit us all. I saw your website and I love your work. My friend needed some bodywork on his car. I recommend it to my friend. Will they give him time to discuss the problems? Thanks for the information.

    1. Thank you Sabrina, yes we take the time to explain our plan of action and layout choices that are budget friendly.

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